connecting:the pop-up portrait session

I don't operate from a studio, and I don't have a dedicated space at home for elaborate set-ups. However, these aren't the reasons I haven't delved deeper into studio photography, or "backdrop photography", as it's often referred to. It's more about my preference for variety in an open environment — The ability to leverage the environment with the subject to better tell a story.

I truly love the environmental portrait - capturing clients in their element, in their favorite spaces. I thrive on the inspiration that comes from being in a new location, and the euphoria of creating special moments with my clients is simply incomparable.

This year marked a turning point for vblyphoto. In mid-January, I took a chance with a y2k "magic photo" pop-up session, and the response was phenomenal! What surprised me was not my ability to deliver quality images, but my being able to maintain deep connections with my clients within the constraints of time and space— it just looked different in this space. The experience was so rewarding that I repeated it multiple times.

On Valentine's Day, I spent the evening at the local watering hole, doing non-stop photography from 6:30 pm to 1 am. The energy was electrifying with singles, couples, besties, and groups participating.

I wouldn’t label this as a photo booth experience because that implies a mechanical interaction. This is far more elevated. I guide you, motivate you, and boost your confidence during those few minutes we work together. And so, “Vanessa’s pop-up portrait session” was born.

I'd be thrilled to schedule a pop-up portrait session for your upcoming event!

I'll be hosting my next pop-up on March 15th at Hegewisch Nutrition 13320 S Baltimore from 6:30-9 pm, offering packages starting at $25. This is a fantastic opportunity for spring family photos, headshots, or just some friendly fun!